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I love this great city and have invested fifteen years here building a successful business and working quietly behind the scenes in numerous non-profit organizations to help make Memphis a better place to live, work, and play. In Memphis, our time is now. There has never been a better time to affect positive change and put Memphis on a sharp upward trajectory. Crime is down double digits, we are attracting major economic development projects, bike trails abound, and people feel good about their city again. Please take a minute to peruse my site and learn what we have done to move Memphis forward – and also what my goals are for the next four years. I was honored to be re-elected and look forward to continuing to serve you and be your advocate in city government – and for Memphis. Thank you for your support, consideration and prayers. With your help, we can realize our potential as a city and weave the vibrant tapestry of our community together with a tighter and denser knot.


Kemp Conrad

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    Memphis Charter Needs to Require a Spending Plan

    Read Kemp Conrad’s guest column in the Commercial Appeal.

    There’s one rule that even our children understand: When you’re in a hole, you quit digging.

    That’s why I proposed at our Feb. 7 meeting of the Memphis City Council an amendment to the city charter that would require city officials to create a disciplined, six-year operating and capital budget — a fiscal strategic plan. If approved by the City Council, Memphis’ citizens would vote in a referendum on whether this important fiscal discipline should be added to our charter. Unfortunately, a council vote on the charter amendment was delayed and the administration opposed it.

    While such a plan would allow for flexibility, it would chart the fiscal affairs for our city and approach the allocation of scarce capital more like a business. City government is, of course, not a business, but that doesn’t mean I can’t operate in a businesslike way. Politics will always play a role; however, decision-making and policy should not be driven primarily by brute political force, as they are now. Serious times call for a serious approach to governing.

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    Published Saturday, February 25, 2012

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    WREG: “Councilman Wants to slash “Glamour Shots” from Budget”

    Councilman Conrad is fighting to stop the Council from wasting $13,000 of your taxpayer dollars on portrait photos of themselves.  Story from Channel 3:,0,1921457.story

    Councilman Conrad Proposes Comprehensive Plan to Reform City Budget

    On Wednesday, City Councilman Kemp Conrad proposed a tough but necessary proposal to help solve our city’s massive financial challenges.

    To read the full proposal, click here

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